Magento For Small Business ECommerce Solutions

Some of you may not be familiar with Magento and what it does. Magento is a eCommerce platform that is an open source for enterprise and small business. One of the things that are available for small businesses is Magento Go, which is a turnkey hosted solution. It allows for the building of an online store that is better. Businesses that need international expansion tools, multiple gateway options for payment, a core solution that is dependable, flexibility of design, technical support that is award winning and offer a fully hosted solution for small business that want to have a presence online.

Some of the features for Magento Go include industry specific themes, customizable shopping language, newsletter set up, sales by product, gift cards, multiple payment gateways such as Google, PayPal, eWay and others as well as being PCI compliant, registering users, “Like” products and so on. Other features can include category landing pages, SEO friendly, customer newsletters, call center process phone orders, stock availability, groups product views and so much more. This product also features design services, guides, webinars and video tutorials so that your business can make the most from this hosting solution.

The knowledge base available allows you to build, manage and expand your online store with theme options also available. This is easy to set up and no coding knowledge is required. There are three different plans available for this. They are Get Going, Going Places and Go Beyond. Get Going is $15 per month while Going Places is 25 per month and Go Beyond is $65 per month. The prices quoted are also noted to be different prices with the Stimulus plan. This lowers the plan costs. This can be a great idea to acquire the effective Magento with hosting for your small business.

There are many different advantages to getting Magento for small business. The customer service as well as the support that you get is award winning and the shopping cart is also fantastic. This may be ideal to add to your eCommerce site for small business. The level of themes and templates can help your business stand out. After all, a unique presence is just what is ideal for attracting business. Also the combination of hosting and the free Magento shopping cart cannot be beat. The services are well worth looking into as an option for your online business combining both services.

Many small business owners have taken the plunge with this turnkey system and are reaping the rewards of doing so. If you are about to build your online business why not check out Magento and their hosting services? This could be the savings in money as well as time that is the boost needed. Being cost effective while delivering maximum potential is just what is needed for your online business. Get your business above everyone else with Magento Go for small business. This will get you seen and heard online which will lead to more business for your eCommerce business. Why choose anything else when the best is available to you now?